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This is a hobby site - a shared repository for the photos, notes & anecdotes from the travels of a small, weathered group of boomers for our mutual reminiscences.
In memory of our great friend and travel buddy Bruce - the inspiration for Barry Turner, head of logistics and good-natured butt of our jibes who took his last big journey in 2016.

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Southern Honshu - gems from ancient Japan hidden in amongst rampant over-development. Clean, orderly, functional but where Mother Nature has been totally overwhelmed by massed humanity.


Being the first and last legs of a 3 country trip we technically travelled to Spain 3 times: Spain-Morocco-Spain-Portugal-Spain.


Like Spain? Same-same but different.


Medinas, kasbahs, bazaars, tagines, sheeps heads, camel heads, more fucking couscous, Tangier, Fez, Marrakesh, Casablanca.


The big attraction of Cambodia as a destination is the amazing Angkor archaeological site, but the spectre of the Khmer Rouge still hangs over the country whose poverty is pervasive.


Our perceptions of Vietnam have been formed by growing up during the Vietnam War, the plethora of war movies and the plentiful Vietnames bakeries, restaurants and small businesses that are now an inherent part of Oz's landscape. So, what's it really like?.


Kho Samui drop and flop. Thongs, sluggos, bucket hat, mojita, pool, mojita, eats, mojita, clockwise circumnavigation by rental car (no mojitas).


The foundation of modern western civilization but now subject to some economic and civil turmoil. The laid-back Greeks (some may say lethargic) can turn on a reasonably good riot but Greece has lost none of its appeal as a must-see destination.


Exotic Istanbul and sombre Gallipoli were the drawcards but there's more to Turkey, from very westernised cities such as Izmir to rustic countryside and historic Greek and Roman sites. Let us hope that the current autocratic regime does not fuck it up entirely.


The mind-boggling riches from ancient Egypt and the mind-numbing poverty and squalor of modern Egypt. From crocodile-headed gods to a rigid, conservative dogma.


Jordan's wealth is not oil or gas. It has the desert wadis of the Bedouins, stupendous Petra of the Nabataeans, biblical history - real and imagined, colossal Roman Ruins and Cruader and Muslim castles.


It is best to visit countries before they are shattered by war. We made it. By a month.


What can you say about Italy that does not sound hyperbolic or cliched? Bellissimo!


Like Italy, but different. More than the crowded Dalmation coast and historic Dubrovnic. Its pleasant, spacious and green countryside and towering mountain ranges are pretty special.


A green and pleasant land of past glories, grandeur and achievement, quaint seasides and villages, idiosyncratic weather, the Pom's love of dogs and suspicion of foreigners. And castles. So many castles.


The land of many of my forebears and shite weather. No wonder they migrated.

Let's be fair - the lochs and bens and fens are lovely. But damp.


Clockwise circumnavigation road trip - starting and ending in Dublin covering the Republic and Northern Ireland. Ripped off by Hertz who insisted on a surcharge for a people-mover we'd already paid for. Our designated driver was Juan Fangio Reid; so 3 of the seats in that people-mover have permanent arse-crack creases from our clenched buttocks. Cop that Hertz ya fekkers.


Being in the southern hemisphere our circumnavigation was anti-clockwise, starting and ending in Hobart. Our much under-rated island state is a very much rural and wilderness place that caters for tourism but is not overwhelmed by it. The hip, the hipsters and the hippies will all feel at home in Tassie. We fit into the hip-replacement category.